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The Spark Inside - Doctor

Hola lovelies. I'm in awesome and amazingly hot Vegas at the moment, but I took the time to check my email and also found out that my theme for The Spark Inside was the first to be posted.

I am posting it here, and I am also going to post it at my website. My theme was falling in love with a best friend and the three things I had to include were: ripped jeans, Where's Waldo, and "Fiesty, aren't we?". I really hope you guys like this. Like any other thing I've written, it took time to grow on me, but I'm very happy with it now, and I hope you guys feel the same.

I have to say a thank you to Kristy and Ivey (which Miss Ivey, I have a story for you about Keno) for being so kind to beta it for me and let me know what they thought of it to help ease my fears. :)

After I get back from Vegas, I'll be focusing on getting the next chapter of Places finished and posted. :) In the meantime, enjoy!

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The Spark Inside

So my piece for The Spark Inside is due the 1st of July, and I've been spending the last few days trying to finish and revise it. :) Since I'm close, I decided to post just a little of the beginning. Right now it's about 7000 words, and it still has a little ways to go. It may end up being a bit more or less after editing.

Brittney is going to post the stories by theme, a theme a day. So I'm not sure when the full piece will be posted, but once it's posted on there, it'll be posted in its entirety at my site as well. My theme was best friends falling in love, and I had to include three things, but you don't get to read about those yet because they don't show up until later in the story. :) But I had to include ripped jeans, "Fiesty, aren't we?", and Where's Waldo? Let me tell you, I had fun coming up with ways to fit them in. :) I really enjoyed writing this piece even though sometimes I wanted to strangle it. hah

Anywho, here's a little bit of it, and I must admit, what I've posted isn't too terribly exciting but it's something. I'd love to post it all right away, but of course I can't do that just yet. As for a title, I have a few running through my head, but I have yet to decide on one. But enjoy the little snippet, my dears!

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This may not be the update you necessarily want, hah, but I've been working on a new story in the last few months. I was waiting though to give you guys a sneak peek until I got my website, This Modern Romance, set up. This last weekend, I spent the time working on the webspace for my new story, Back to You, over at my website, and it's all set to go. I posted some character pictures, a couple songs to the soundtrack and a sneak peek of the first chapter because well, it's not totally finished. lol That's just how I roll. So if you're interested, check it out. :) I hope you like it!

Back to You

And in other news, I have been working on the next chapter of The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most over the last few days. So hopefully soon! Keep your fingers crossed.
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New Website

Hi, my loves! I'm still alive. :) Good thing, right? Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! I'm sure the school year is starting to come to end for most (myself included...yay for graduation!!! Kinda. lol), and I'm sure ya'll are living the hectic life, like myself. Fun, isn't? But just think; it's almost over. Yay again!

Sorry. Forgive me. It's 5:30am here. I've no idea why I'm still up. Well, actually, I do. I've been hard at work on my new site, and guess what? It is all finally up and running. I'm super psyched right about now because that was a project and a half, and I'm exhausted.

Anyway, that's my/our new home. :) I'm still going to keep this LJ though. I'll post here when I update at the site with a new chapter. I may even post the chapters here and at the site for a little while and then switch over to just the site. We'll see how things go. Even I'm weary of change...no matter how small. lol

But I'm also keeping the LJ so you all can comment here if you wish. As new chapters of Places come, there will be a link at the bottom of each chapter to bring you back to LJ if you wish to comment here. Or there is a guestbook at the site for you to comment in as well, and I can reply at the guestbook. Which was something I was very happy about.

No new chapter of Places yet, but I'm sure that's no surprise to you. I suck; I'm sorry. The update over at the site talks a little bit about it.

Anyway, go check it out! Bookmark it. I hope you guys like it. :) Love and miss you all! And good luck with the end of the school year and all your projects and finals!

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All right, first off, I've been nominated over at Feel What I Dream Awards in the following categories:

Best Comedic Author
Best Author Overall
Best Couple : Jolyn and Zac
Best Main Character : Jolyn
Best Zac
Best Drama
Best Unfinished

Very exciting, yes! So thank you to whoever nominated me! I was quite excited to see that. :) Voting starts April 8th, and so if you feel inclined to vote, there are some amazing stories nominated.

Secondly, after talking to some fellow hanfic writers and friends, I've decided that I think I'm going to try my hand at my own website. Becca has offered me my own subdomain, and so we're going to see how well I do with that. I'll still have this LJ though, and I'll make a post when I update. :) So don't worry.

Anyway, I now face the dilemma of coming up with a name...so it'll be...http://MYNAME.break-my-fall.org...this is where I would love your help. I did some searching through lyrics, and under the cut is a list of ideas. Your input on which you like best or any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Never fear; I am working on the next chapter of Zolyn. :) I'm hoping to have it finished sometime this month. lol After next week, things should slow down quite a bit for me school-wise, and graduation will be here before I know it. So I'll have even more time if I don't have a job right away. lol
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Hi, my dears. How are you all doing? Lovely, I hope! And I hope you all are getting some of the gorgeous weather we had in the beginning of the week. Spring is on its way, and it's beautiful. I, for one, am quite excited.

Sadly, I have no update. I know; I suck. I'm working on it. I promise. :) However, I wanted to let you guys know that over at JSOR (Just Shy of Reality) they are doing a new thing that's called "Author Spotlight". Every month or few weeks, whatever it is, they spotlight a Hanfic author, and I'm the first one. :) So Brittney and Becca came up with a list of questions for me to answer about my writing and what not. That is now posted, and others are welcome to ask me whatever questions they wish. If it's something you feel like checking out, I highly recommend it, and I highly recommend joining the board. We have a good time over there, and if you join, take the time to nominate some other amazing authors for the spotlight. :)

Also, I've been giving more and more thought to switching over to an actual website. I have a few other stories in the works, and I just keeping about all the things I could do with an actual website. I would able to add a "Coming Soon" section and what not and give you some sneak previews of the stories I've been working on besides The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most and the sequel. I just feel like it would get too cluttered around here. I know long ago Kristy offered to host me, and I'm hoping that offer is still open if I choose to take it. :)

The only issue I have with that is that one, I'm not html savy. At all. Second, I most likely wouldn't be able to respond to the feedback you guys leave, and that's something I really love doing here.

So I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on that. I would really like to know what you guys think. It's important to me, and so any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)
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The Ugly Truth Awards

I would have done this sooner, but I've been busy with exams, and then I got sick. Ewww! So I figured I do a little post before my Nyquil really takes me over.

Voting on The Ugly Truth Awards closed the other day, and thanks to all who voted for me, I placed in every category I was in. So yay!!!

I won first place for Best Opening Scene and Best Friend (Sophia) and runner-up in Best Zac, Best Laugh Out Loud Moment (Chapter 7), Character You Most Relate To (Jolyn), aand Not Updated Enough But Should Be.

So I have to say a big thank you to those who voted for me and to Miss Kristy (zorianna) for nominating me. Thank you, lovelies, for everything! It means the world to me. :)

List of winners can be found here.

Awards will be added to the profile page when they're finished, and be on the look out for an update sometime within the next few weeks, hopefully.
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A quick word...

Hola, lovelies! Just wanted to drop in and let you know I'm still alive. Good thing. Good thing. Yes.

Anyway, story is still going. blah. blah. blah. Not sure when the next update will be. I have a couple of exams and papers within the next two weeks. So getting caught up on all of that is my first priority even though all I want to do is write. Why does it always work out that way?

Once all that has cleared, I'm going to start up on the next chapter. It's probably about half way finished. The rest involves thinking about the rest of the story on my part, and I've just been too lazy to figure all that out in the past month. Sooooo, like I said, once everything is cleared with exams, I'll start on that. I would like to have an update out before spring break (starts March 10th for me), but I can't guarantee anything.

If that doesn't happen, come spring break, I'll be writing and trying to get an update out for you guys. I'm broke, and so I'm going nowhere fun for break. I'll just be chilling around here. I know it seems like a long ways until an update, but trust me, spring break will be here before you know it. :)

Anyone else excited for the new album? Took me a bit, but I won't get into that. :P

Thanks dears for understanding and sticking with me! Love you all. Stay safe, and have a happy Valentine's day!
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